The Choice is Yours


Warning!  This video contains information that may change your life.

It answers the questions about spiritual life coaching that are burning a hole in your brain.  If you're committed to getting unstuck and gaining momentum in your life, then click and watch, as all will be revealed.  The truth is only you can decide what's best for you. My job is to give you information so you can make the best choice.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


A Few of My Favorite Things

Want a glimpse into what sets my soul on fire?

  • My family.  Love my girls- they truly light up my world.  Parenting is the best job- ever!
  • My dog Perri, a miniature labradoodle, who has more friends in the neighborhood than I do.
  • Purple- enough said.
  • Tea- my drink of choice and I love all the gadgets that go with brewing the perfect cuppa.
  • Mystery cozies are my escape of choice.  I love the quirkiness of the genre.
  • Gardening- a temptation for the senses.  Color, texture, smells…so divine.
  • All natural beauty products. I’m a certified aromatherapist, so I love creating new blends!

My Story

Each of us has a story, perhaps more than one.  Our story is made up of those moments that have defined us in a positive or negative way.

My story is both unique and not at the same time.  Unique because it’s about me.  Not, because I’ve faced many shared challenges- maybe even one of yours.

In my 20’s I was a carefree, happy, and blissfully ignorant.  Life unfolded with ease and I didn’t give a thought about my purpose or the impact I was making on the world.  I was the epitome of the sunshine, hippy girl- a smile on my face and a happy heart.  I was in control of my world- a queen.

Everything changed for me over the next two decades

My life was infused with conflict, challenges and fear:  Infertility, a debilitating chronic disease, bankruptcy, the loss of a business, divorce after 22 years of marriage, a roll over accident where I walked away without a mark, starting over as a single mom at over 40 years old.  I remember sobbing and asking myself why?  Why me?  Why all these challenges?

There had to be a reason that I was constantly in the state of change. 

All those years, I chose to stick my head in the sand and ignore not only my emotions, but my spirituality. 

Living from a place of numbness.

I remember a strong desire to escape my life- to drift away where no one knew me. I didn’t know how, but I just wanted to be someone else and somewhere else. My thoughts terrified me and yet I felt hopelessness to my bones.

The first year after my divorce, I went on a personal retreat. I needed to clear my head and discover what was next. Deep in the woods, I walked asking myself why all these things happened in my life.  What was the common thread?  The answer astonished me. 

By nature, I was a control freak.  I had to have my world in order.  In my 20’s when I put in the effort, I got the result I wanted- every time.  I thought this was how life worked. As I grew older, the results were different and I kept fighting to get back to that place of ease.

I realized that each challenge showed up to teach me a universal lesson.  My big ah-ha moment.  (Light bulb on and hand smacking the forehead).

I’m not in control.

What?  This went against everything I believed about myself.  I was used to holding on tight all the time, believing I could create any outcome I wanted.

It took me two decades to learn this lesson and finally surrender.  I dusted off my spiritual connection which had been missing from my life, faced my emotions head on, and set a new plan- to release and surrender my life.

To let a power greater than me lead. 

This was heady stuff and went against every grain of my being.  Surrendering control for me is still a daily practice.  Not a chore, but a loving reminder that I’m loved and supported.

The decision led to life coaching. Helping others transform their lives in a loving and powerful way. This is my bliss -helping others embrace their authenticity, achieve their goals, and live a life of their dreams. 

I’ve found my way through fear. 

I’ve slayed the stuck feeling.  I’ve discovered my strengths and know how to use them to co-create a life I love.

If you’re experiencing that sensation of wanting to escape or the fear of taking the next step, I’d be honored to help you.  I’m growing and mastering new practices daily on the way to achieving more of my goals and want to share what I’ve learned.


Take the First Step

Change can be scary.  It can also lead to freedom.  Ready?  Book a Discovery Call today.  Let your journey begin- I’ll cheer you on along the way.