Coaching FAQ's

What is coaching?

It's about a relationship between two people, you and me. The focus is YOU- all you- your goals, your dreams, what you want
from your life. Your job is to be open to the process and embrace the change as it unfolds. My job is to provide a safe space for
you to grow, suggest self work exercises based on your feedback and yes- hold you accountable for the commitments you madeto
yourself. A great coach discovers your strengths and uses those to help you achieve your life goals.

What is spiritual coaching?

It's coaching with a twist! The relationship between the two of us, becomes the three of us. As part of your journey, we call upon
your connection to a higher power or inner wise self. By doing this, you invite an infinite source of wisdom and love to support
you. Drawing upon this connection, you more easily release old patterns and co-create your dreams. More team members for
Team You!

Is coaching for me?

Great question! Let me ask you a few to help you find the answer. Do you want to gain minutes, hours or even days by making
decisions quickly and confidently? Do you want to attract people into your life who celebrate the real you? Do you want that
"stuck" feeling to disappear and instead wake up each morning ready to make a difference in the world? Do you want the tension
to ease from your shoulders and be replaced by boundless energy? Do you want to save money by not buying stuff to make
yourself feel better, because you know you are enough? If you're so happy with your life that none of these questions hit the
mark, then coaching is NOT for you.

What if I can't afford it?

This is a tough one. Only you can make the decision if this is the right investment for you. Yep- investment is the right word.
You're looking to make a transformation in your life because something isn't working right now. Any type of change is scary stuff
because we leave our comfort zone for unknown possibilities. Whenever I'm considering a new path I ask myself these questions
"Can I stay in the place where I'm at and be ridiculously happy with my life?" "What do I gain from this experience and what will
fall away?" Listen to your intuition- it will guide your choice.

What if I don't like coaching or Kirstin?

This one's easy. I offer a money back guarantee! At the beginning of our 2nd coaching call, if you've done all the self work
between calls and have approached coaching with an open mind, and aren't seeing positive changes happening in your life- I'll
give you back your investment. I want you to be 100% happy working with me anything short of that is unacceptable.




The first step is a discovery call. We chat for 30 minutes about what's happening in your world and I answer any questions about
the coaching process. If we're a match and you're ready to say yes to a new life then you receive a welcome pack. The first step is
to complete the pack- it contains some reflection questions to get you started, then we have an orientation call. This is when we
get down and dirty about where you want to start and go over what our coaching relationship will be like. You get to co-create
the process, so come prepared to be engaged! Each coaching session starts with YOU- what you want to work on. In between each
session is self care work which we decide upon together. The level of self work depends on the amount of energy and effort you
want to contribute to your growth. My promise to you is that I'll be there to hold you accountable to your commitment, in a way
that works best for you and always within a safe, non-judgemental space.

I'm ready to get started- what do I do next?

Hit the button below and we'll get your discovery call booked!